Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 2: The Greasy Taco Incident

Weight total: -4lb.
Activity Points: 4
Wii Fit Plus Time: Zip!

Okay, so I only lost 1 pound this last week. In two different visits, I had both my brothers come to town. There was eating out, there was the whole showing them the town, the 4th of July cookout, and then there was... The Greasy Taco Incident.

You know how growing up when it was your birthday, your mom would make you your favorite dish? Well, for me and my brother, it was greasy tacos. I'm about to give away something about my age, but here goes. When I was young, we didn't have the pre-formed taco shells; they weren't invented yet. There, I said it. My mother would fry the totillas and fold them. She'd then stuff them with meat and cheese and then bake them to melt the cheese. When you took a bite, the grease would squeeze out the other end and run down your arm. DELICIOUS!!! But as the years passed, it was just easier to use those break-upon-opening-the-package Ortega taco shells and a little healthier as well. Gone were the days of the greasy taco.

But when Brother Chris came to visit my mom and me here in Tennessee, he requested those tacos like mom used to make. And how could the woman deny her prodigal son the dish he held so dear to his heart? Twenty years must have passed since I'd had them and they were just as good as I remembered. So I ate 5. Yes, I said 5. FIVE TACOS!!!!

Despite my inability to hold on to my will power in the face of Mexican food, I was able to stick to my points. So even though I had about 35 points that day, I didn't go over my weekly points. So I still shed that one little pound. And I'm okay with that. If I had worked out, I'm sure it would have been more.

As for the dust collecting on my Wii Fit board, I have no excuse. The most difficult thing about making this a habit is that it takes a good 2.5 hours of your time. It's warm up, workout, shower, hair, make up. I don't always have a 2.5 hour chunk available. And that was the case this week. I know that lots of people get up real early just to work out but I never liked their kind and I'm not drinking their Kool-Aid either. I like sleep as much as I like greasy tacos, if not more.


  1. The most difficult thing for me and losing weight is the FOOD... I understand your problem. It is really awesome that you were still able to lose a pound. I am going to try a 52 week 52 pound commitment. Wish me luck!

    Oh, my Mom made tacos that same way (still does)... They ROCK!!!

  2. I SO feel your pain, Sharon, about the exercise. I joined Ft Sanders, and have never been back. It's been a month. I just don't have the chunks of time necessary to do now I'm back to being disciplined enough to try and grab an hour when I don't need to be made up and coiffed afterwards. Discipline in the diet and exercise area is definitely NOT a strongpoint.

  3. OMG, I love your writing. What's next Hamburger Helper and Kraft Mac & Cheese?

    ; }

  4. hola madre. Tu escribir es bien. :) Voy a escribir en español porque escribiste de tacos. :) Si compramos 2 "Wii Fit Boards," yo ayudaría con ejercicio. :) te amo.

  5. Alex, in Italiano: due Wii Fit Boards e troppo. Ma anche cinque taco e troppo.

  6. Lisa, if you do go back to Fort Sanders, please say hello to my money. For what I got from FS, they definitely came out ahead.

  7. Carla, I remember making Hamburger Helper with you whilst having a fight on the phone with Evan. You really hated him. :)

  8. You're so lucky, mom never makes me taco's when I come to town!