Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reports of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

You're probably wondering (because you have nothing better to do) 'What happened to my old pal the guinea pig?'. No doubt you've tossed and turned at night with worry, led an anxiety-stricken charade of a life waiting for the next installment of The Road to Thindom. Well, me too!

Time and resolve slipped away from me as I received many freelance jobs which pay a heck of a lot more than writing my own blog. I have been busy producing corporate videos, writing scripts for a sick and twisted (but thoroughly addicting) show called "Snapped", and writing articles for

2010 was a blessed year and the panic of losing my job was quickly calmed by the influx of paying work. I thank God for watching over me and making me feel much more like a winner than a loser in the past year.

That explains my absence in the past five months but does not excuse it! So here's the skinny (or the fatty, in my case) on The Road to Thindom...

it was a dead end.

I'm going to try the road again and if I find a successful path to Thindom, I will invite you all to travel the route I did and when we get there, we'll have a party complete with carrot sticks and cucumber water.

In the mean time folks, stand by because a new GP report is coming up on this year's hottest gift! And no, it's not a Zhu Zhu pet.

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