Monday, June 21, 2010

The Road to Thindom

There’s nothing I enjoy more than working out and eating right.

Wait, I was having that dream again where I am Bethany Frankel from Real Housewives of New York City. Sorry. There’s nothing I enjoy LESS than working out and eating right. That sounds more like me.

When I was told my job as VP of Branded Entertainment of a major cable network was being eliminated and I had two months to live… I mean “pack”… I quickly developed a “F*** IT” attitude. If they were getting rid of me then I was taking an extra five minutes at lunch, damn it. And I arrogantly began leaving 15 minutes early… on Fridays. HA! I showed them!!

I also began some anger eating. And let me tell you, I was really pissed. In two months, I gained eight pounds. Now for most of you eight pounds is nothing but I was already a little on the plump side so it didn’t do me any favors.

I was home two months, wondering how to spend my severance pay when I happened to catch a glimpse of my tremendous posterior in my full length mirror (which now lives in a landfill somewhere).

Now, I've started my own business and I have control over my working hours. The initial pissed-offedness has worn down. But, I’m left with the shock of what I’ve done to my body. So I’m thinking it’s time to do something about said ass. So I bought the Wii Fit board and “game” to get in shape and dusted off my Weight Watchers on-line membership to do something about that anger eating.

I have 30 pounds and 3 dress sizes to lose to get back to normal. So to my smattering of readers, this blog is my chronicle of what’s sure to be this Guinea Pig’s rocky journey to thindom. I will check in each week to let you know if the Wii and Weight Watchers are living up to their hype and I’ll be honest about whether or not I’m living up to my promise.

If you’re on a similar journey, please share your experiences, good or bad. Tips, encouragement, words of wisdom and celery stalks will also be welcome.

Wish me luck!