Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am my Mother's Daughter

Growing up, I don't have many memories where my mother didn't have some project she was working on.  When I was very young, she was a puppeteer.  She made her own puppets using paper mache, old bathroom rugs (Cookie Monster puppet) or foam rubber and leftover fabric.  My father built her a stage and she performed at birthday parties and church functions. She even wrote her own scripts.

iPad Covers
She also made all of our Halloween costumes and we never lost a costume contest.  She knitted. She made dresses for my sister and me. Later in life, she made wooden 2-D dolls in all different themes and costumes and sold them at craft shows and later she learned how to make porcelain dolls where she poured the molds and painted their faces and made the clothes.  The dolls are a beautiful illustration of her boundless talent.  At nearly 78, she's still going strong and I have picked up a few of her habits, I love to sew and crochet too.  Last fall we started our own business together selling my Kindle, Nook, and iPad covers, 
Hand made Scarves

And crocheted scarves, and her hand-knit scarves.  

My husband and I designed and built a booth and once we booked our first show and filled it with our wares, the booth looked beautiful.  
Our Booth

We learned a few things along the way and are looking forward to making this an even better year to capitalize on our talents.

I love having this chance to have a little business with my mom. I love that she never stops creating. And I love that she has passed her love of crafting onto me.    

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